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25 octobre 2017, 12h15: Conférencière invitée: Luciana d’Adderio, Strathclyde Business School

25 octobre 2017, 12:15 pm, Salle Hélène-Desmarais (première étage, section bleue), HEC Montréal

Title: Searching for the ‘reliable pattern’: Routines, materiality and multiplicity

Speaker: Luciana d’Adderio, Reader in Management, Strathclyde Business School

The dominant view of transfer as the reproduction of routines has provided valuable scope for theorizing replication. The prevailing focus on routines as single, discrete entities moving across stable […]

lundi, 16 octobre, 2017 |

Special Issue of Strategic Organization: « Organizing Crowds and Innovatoin » disponible…

Special Issue on « Organizing Crowds and Innovation » out now in the

May 2017 issue of Strategic Organization

Guest editors: Teppo Felin, Karim Lakhani & Michael Tushman

jeudi, 1 décembre, 2016 |

Appel à communications: Collective Leadership Research Findings Workshop, 1-3 mai 2018

Voir Co-Lead CfP 2018 FINAL sept 27 pour l’appel de communications

mardi, 2 août, 2016 |

2015 « Publishing Qualitative Research Master Class » – vidéos disponibles

The videos of the 2015 Master Class on Publishing Qualitative Research held at HEC Montréal on May 11th 2015 are now available on line (click on the link). These videos feature Beth Bechky, Ruthanne Huising and Sarah Kaplan talking about coding, publication, and a real case of a submission to Organization Science

See also the videos […]

samedi, 28 juin, 2014 |