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Special Issue of Strategic Organization: « Strategic Responses to Institutional Complexity » disponible…

Special Issue on « Strategic Responses to Institutional Complexity » out now in the

November 2016 issue of Strategic Organization

Guest editors: Patrick Vermeulen, Charlene Zietsma, Royston Greenwood and Ann Langley

jeudi, 1 décembre, 2016 |

7 décembre 2016, 12h15: Conférencière invitée: Denise Fleck, Université Fédérale de Rio de Janeiro

7 décembre, 12:15 pm, Salle Sony (première étage, section jaune), HEC Montréal

Title: Revisiting Organizational Survival from a Growth-based Perspective

Speaker: Denise Fleck, Assoclleiate Professor, COPPEAD, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Understanding the continued existence of organizations has been a challenging research topic. Various theoretical perspectives and research traditions have inspired the investigation of the organizational survival phenomenon, bringing about complementary and […]

mercredi, 16 novembre, 2016 |

So!apbox debate Strategic Organization: Practice-Based View vs. Strategy-as-Practice; Accès libre!

Read the debate between Paula Jarzabkowski, Sarah Kaplan, David Seidl & Richard Whittington and Philip Bromiley and Devaki Rau on the Practice-Based View and Strategy as Practice in Strategic Organization at

The articles in the debate are « free to view » until the end of October. Enjoy!

mardi, 2 août, 2016 |

2015 « Publishing Qualitative Research Master Class » – vidéos disponibles

The videos of the 2015 Master Class on Publishing Qualitative Research held at HEC Montréal on May 11th 2015 are now available on line (click on the link). These videos feature Beth Bechky, Ruthanne Huising and Sarah Kaplan talking about coding, publication, and a real case of a submission to Organization Science

See also the videos […]

samedi, 28 juin, 2014 |